hai....i'm zul.if u all want 2 know me more i will tell u but just a little bit only...............
i'm from Kg. Sg. Jernih that are so far-far away from here.......i have 3 siblings n i'm 2.
my life r in always thinking until i do no what 2 do.i dont give up n try to chalenge it n sometimes i
feel n sometimes i go is to many things that i had to cross....the answer is win or lost?????????
so,this time i want to share a lot of things about us in everyday....we are born with a different kind..there are only two that comonly happen that i though that is ok or bad people..for me i think i was meet the bad or ok people..that alls had take me to more focus for what i did,it takes a little bit of pressure brain,whose can't control it..they becomes mad one day.Not belive...try it if u bran...about the ok n bad people that i write just now can't i explain all,because i want you all that read this find n learn can take u more understand for what the WORLDS wants from u...i also want to tell hear about me that i like or don't.what i watch from years to years many people expecially our partners don't like me,i dont know why...i think becaue i'm not clever,just okkk they can put me on the rubish or like that..i don't have anything n just be patient,be patient,be patient n be patient..if you r clever,never mine,don't u fell perfet or proud yourself because u don't know others advantages of another your partners...the point that i want to tell here is pleaseeeeeeeeee dont ever-ever push out your friend although see or not...everyday i think why they do this to meee...if they don;t like me...just shut up n don't show that u so .........,i don't want to add anymore,because mayb bad things will come..tq for this n also tq so much from my gf cause she so many help me in another problems thats i had...malalappa for me n for u...kurrrrrr!
LiFe MuSt Go TrOuGh WhAtEvEr AnYtHiNgS CoM!!!


Gas to Liquids (GTL) fuel is a synthetic liquid fuel derived from natural gas that burns cleaner than conventional fuel.

The technology used to create GTL fuel was first developed in Germany in the 1920s and is known as the Fischer-Tropsch process. For many years most industry experts did not consider GTL fuel to be commercially viable – but Shell thought differently.

In the early 1980s we developed the revolutionary Shell Middle Distillate Synthesis (SMDS). This uses a much more effective catalyst than earlier processes, enabling us to produce a whole range of finely tailored liquid fuels and products in a fully commercialised system.

Shell V-Power Diesel, a GTL Fuel/diesel blend, is already available across Europe and parts of the Far East, and our first world scale GTL plant is due to open in Qatar around the end of the decade.

Since GTL Fuel is compatible with most modern diesel engines, it is one of the most cost-effective ways of helping to reduce transport emissions, with the potential to help us breathe more easily in cities all around the world.